Welcome to Lady MacSnood

I have been making snoods since 1996 and selling them since 97 when I first put out a table at a local show and started my website, snoods.com. My original creations are still being worn by me today so they are made to last. Don't know how long yet since I haven't had one wear out on me but ask me again in another 15 years. :-)

I make my snoods using cotton and cotton/metallic combination crochet thread which is sturdy enough for everyday wear but also looks more delicate than heavy yarns. I do not use nylon since it does not keep it's shape well and I don't like the quality of the finished item. My snoods are finished with an adjustable elastic cord which allows the snood to be tied to fit each individual person.

If I can find the right size thread I can make them in most every color. Bead color choices are more limited but I do have several choices available in mostly size 4mm but I do have a couple of colors in 5mm and 6mm size.

I also make hair sticks and have Renaissance hats and clothing available made by friends of mine.

The bodices I carry are specific designs for each size. I can always order you the size you need up to 45" but my friends who make them buy the fabric in batches and usually once they are gone there are no more in that pattern. I am limited on the quantity of each I can carry so it's possible your size could be available in a specific brocade that my friends have in stock. If you see something you like but not in your size please contact me and I can check on the availability for you.

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